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For the first time ever an uncooled InGaAs-sensor with 640x512-resolution is available at ANDANTA, which can be operated at room-temperature.

The sensor comes with a reduced pixel pitch of 15μm (formerly 25μm) reducing the overall active sensor area to just 9.6 x 7.68mm, identical to the low resolution, uncooled sensor FPA320x256-C. That will ease sensor-integration for all existing users of FPA320x256-C.

Using an InGaAs-planar technology with 53% Indium-content, a spectral response of 0.9μm to 1.7μm with a quantum efficiency > 70% is achieved. Using 8 outputs with 18MHz pixel rate provide a read out rate of ≥ 240 fps at full image and 30.000 fps with the smallest sub-window of 32 x 8 pixels at 8 outputs.

The new FPA640x512_P15-C sensor uses a simple, hermetic 64pin Ceramics LCC package with dimensions of only 18mm x 18mm x 2mm and a sensor-weight of just 1.7g allowing a very compact and SWAP (Small Weight and Power) camera-design. The power consumption is max. 200mW as there is no cooler to drive.

ANDANTA can recommend a suitable socket to hold the new sensor upon request.


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