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Andanta releases two uncooled InGaAs-linear sensors

Electronics manufacturer Andanta has released two InGaAs-linear sensors, LDA1024 and LDA512, with different square and rectangular pixel sizes and dimensions. 

These sensors come with either 1024 x 1 or 512 x 1 pixels, and are available with an uncooled ceramic package. Key applications include NIR spectroscopy, web inspection, optical coherence tomography. 

The sensors support SPI protocol for command register setting.

The sensor amplification, a control of the sensor power consumption and the pixel-by-pixel order of the output signal can also be adjusted. 

The linear sensors consist of a linear InGaAs photodiode array, which is connected to integrated p-on-n readout circuits. They are sensitive in the standard InGaAs spectral range of 0.9 – 1.7 µm. The pixel operability is > 99% and the quantum efficiency > 70% at 1550 nm. 16 different gain settings are possible. With its 1 to 2 outputs, the linear sensors achieve a readout rate of approximately 40 kHz (to be specified) at a pixel rate of 22 MHz (data rate 11 MHz). 

For the linear sensors with 512 x 1 pixels there are pixel dimensions available from 25 x 25 µm square, 25 x 250 µm rectangular (half height) and 25 x 500 µm rectangular (full height). For the linear sensors with 1024 x 1 pixels there are existing pixel dimensions from 12.5 x 12.5 µm square and 12.5 x 250 µm rectangular. 

All linear sensors come in a 28-pin ceramic DIP (CDIP) package without any thermoelectric cooler. They can be operated at room or ambient temperature.


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