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ZM12 lasers with Powell lens technology

Z-Laser has upgraded its ZM12 family of small lasers to support homogeneous light distribution (HLD). Following the successful integration of the new Powell lens technology into its ZM18 laser family, Z-Laser has adapted the improved HLD technology to its ZM12 family of lasers, which were previously only available with Gaussian light distribution.

Encased in a 45mm housing, the ZM12 laser projects a line with a +/-5 per cent homogeneity of light distribution. With guaranteed light distribution across the projected line, machine vision algorithms will produce results with greater accuracy than with Gaussian light distribution. This kind of homogeneity can produce excellent results, especially when using slightly longer camera exposures for applications that previously might have required a speckle-reduced laser.

The ZM12 production series is a compact, entry-level laser product and offers an excellent price-performance ratio for profiling or positioning applications in the machine vision, automotive, medical equipment, or textile industries.


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