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Z-Laser has released a compact and powerful blue laser for image processing, the ZQ-blue. The product development of ZQ-blue combines good line performance (homogeneity ±15 per cent) and solid IP50 protection class (higher IP rated housing is available upon request).

The 1W, 450nm laser diode provides ultrafine projections while simultaneously producing extremely high power density. Even for image processing applications with high ambient light interference, the excellent measurement resolutions are possible using the laser. For example, at a working distance of 500mm, 73µm Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) can be achieved. This performance means accurate measurements can be made for inspection applications such as glowing steel, road surfaces, rails and overhead wires.

Intelligent monitoring capabilities and built-in thermoelectric cooling allow for very high stability in terms of power (3 per cent or less deviation), wavelength and lifetime. The ZQ-blue laser can be equipped with various line- and spot-optics as well as a selection of diffractive optics. The laser is controlled via RS-232 or RS-485 and provides a TTL modulation up to 10kHz or up to 1kHz via PLC.