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ZM18 series

The new generation of driver electronics of the ZM18 series provides a significant increase in power stability over the entire operating temperature range.

The ZM18H3 series in blue (405nm, 450nm) and green (520nm) wavelength will for the first time feature standard APC "Automatic Power Control" for long-term stability. The integrated and improved microcontroller measures values like total running time, diode temperature, current, voltage, etc. and uses this information to achieve a stable intensity output independent of outside temperature and aging effects of the laser.

Some new key features:

- ZM18S3: Increased modulation frequency (TTL) of 1 kHz up to 500 kHz

- ZM18H3: Automatic Power Control (APC) for green & blue lasers

- Increased maximum optical output power up to 200mW


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