ZFSM laser system

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Z-Laser, a manufacturer of laser modules and laser systems, has introduced a range of fibre-coupled laser systems, the ZFSM. This product is suitable for applications that need high projection accuracy, such as industrial machine vision and medical applications.

Optical properties of fibres are superior compared to bare laser diodes in terms of the beam profile and the geometry of the dispersion. ZFSM yields small and perfectly round spots for point projection optics and thinner, more homogeneous lines with line generator optics, (e.g. 8μm at 30mm working distance, ± 5 per cent line homogeneity).

ZFSM separates the optics by an optical fibre from the laser source with its electronics harness. The heat generated by the electronics and laser source has no direct influence on the optics. The optic can be located up to several metres away from the laser source.

For applications with high ambient temperatures, for example the measurement of red-hot steel, the lifetime of the laser diode is significantly increased. By using standard fibre connectors the projection optics can be changed within a running system.