Stream 1.9

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Olympus has launched the latest version of its workflow-orientated materials science imaging software. Stream 1.9 contains more than 50 measurement and analysis functions to provide solutions for industrial and materials science microscopy applications.

The software is an operating system for a range of Olympus microscopes, which includes new predefined measurement and analysis options such as coating thickness and automatic measurement. The coating thickness solution determines thickness using the Calotest method (also known as the Ball Crater method). The automatic measurement solution for edge-detection-based measurements using pattern recognition is able to perform multiple measurements in a single live image. This includes a validation tool that provides a pass/fail flag for every measurement.

For quality assessment of steel and cast iron, the cast iron solution measures graphite nodularity by size, shape and distribution, with results automatically generated according to international standards.

Olympus Stream 1.9 covers the control of the microscope, cameras and accessories, image acquisition and processing, measurement and analysis, as well as report generation and data management. There are four expandable packages available: Start, Basics, Essentials and Motion, allowing the system to suit individual requirements and future applications.

Stream 1.9 also features image acquisition and processing capabilities such as high dynamic range, extended focus image and tilt compensation. There is also a range of analysis options, which include both standard measurement types (e.g. lengths and angles), as well as more complex threshold-based methods such as phase analysis, grain analysis, porosity and particle distribution.

The software offers full Windows 8 and Microsoft Office compatibility, which allows the export of tables and graphs into Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis, as well as the use of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for the generation of professional reports and presentations.