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Cell^frap microscope module

Olympus has introduced the cell^frap module for the Xcellence live cell imaging and manipulation system. The module enables users to perform fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching (FRAP), inverse FRAP (iFRAP), fluorescence loss in photobleaching (FLIP) and fluorescence loss after photobleaching (FLAP) experiments.

The cell^frap system is also ideal for more advanced processes such as photo-conversion, photo-activation, pattern bleaching, laser cutting and trapping. The module includes its own dedicated laser system and light-path, allowing simultaneous imaging and photo-manipulation.

The cell^frap module is introduced into the microscope via a dedicated light-path and can incorporate two separate laser lines or a laser combiner. This enables simultaneous imaging and photo-manipulation, providing full integration of FRAP with epi-fluorescence, TIRFM and spinning disk confocal microscopy. The system offers high speed and precision by scanning just the region of interest, achieving a rate of bleaching up to 10 times faster than standard methods and allowing multiple discrete areas within the same frame to be bleached very quickly.


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