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DP26 camera for microscopes

Olympus has released its new DP26, a five megapixel colour digital camera optimised for viewing, documentation, reporting and analysis using a microscope. The new camera is suitable for browsing a sample with a monitor, utilising a rapid progressive scan readout that provides fluid, natural panning and focusing, and avoids distracting artefacts. This removes the physical strain imposed by using the microscope's eyepieces, improving user comfort and efficiency. It also facilitates simultaneous sample viewing, whether in research, teaching, medical diagnostics or the inspection and analysis of materials. A high level of sensitivity ensures that the analysis of darkly stained samples or the use of dark-field illumination yields reliable, accurate images. In addition, the camera can differentiate even the most subtle colour differences due to the impressive colour reproducibility of the sensor. As part of an integrated microscopy system, the DP26 frees the user from the eyepiece.

The DP26 is available in available in two version, optimised either for desktop or laptop use. It is fully supported by all Olympus software, including cellSens for life science users and the Olympus Stream series of materials science software solutions. Both provide automatic shading correction, rapid white balance adjustment, auto-exposure, measurements tools and more. In addition, data is stored and accessed using an intuitive file manager, which records exposure settings, magnification, and other parameters for easy future reference. The DP26 removes the physical strain of eyepiece-based microscopy by providing an intuitive, fast, free-flowing live feed ideal for intensive sample browsing or long sessions.


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