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With its advanced 3D Robot Vision Technology SHAPESCAN3D, ISRA VISION has developed a solution for intelligent bin picking. For years, it has been successfully used by the industry to feed unsorted parts into the production process. The system is now available as a new, improved variant: It facilitates the safe recognition and picking of even the most complex part geometries and works considerably faster. SHAPESCAN3D requires less than 2 seconds for the complete scanning of a standard transport bin. 

Bin picking requires the smooth interaction of sensors, image processing methods and robot technology - a complex task for which ISRA has found an intelligent and universal solution. A new, in-house developed algorithm improves the object recognition accuracy and accelerates data processing. This enables highly reliable, ultra-fast bin picking even in challenging applications. The simple object teaching via 3D CAD files is another new feature. Thus, SHAPESCAN3D offers a nearly unlimited variety of identifiable parts, including those with complex shapes. Users reach highest flexibility on the factory floor, saving valuable space because additional mechanisms for the separation of parts are no longer needed. Dirt and noise disturbance are passé. 

SHAPESCAN3D’s technological key feature is the efficient processing of 3D point clouds. They are created from a scan of the bin contents by structured laser line lighting and a camera stereo setup. ISRA's unique 3D recognition processes subsequently analyse the point clouds and extract objects from them. After that, the system detects their spatial position – allowing an accurate grip by the robot. Detection method and hardware are perfectly matched to one another. 

A firm grip on all advantages: By making processes highly efficient, ISRA’s intelligent bin picking solution helps to lower production costs. The system works absolutely fast and safe, enabling an increased production rhythm. Users may integrate SHAPESCAN3D themselves. No previous experience is required. A pre-calibrated measurement field and configuration options via the clearly structured Graphical User Interface allow for a quick start without support by engineers or technicians. 


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