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3D add-on for Solarscan-FrontPrint and Solarscan-RearPrint systems

Isra Solar Vision now offers, with its 3D technology, an optimum add-on solution for surface inspection and geometrical gauging of solar cells at the printing process stage.

In addition to the existing inspection and measuring functions of the Solarscan-FrontPrint and Solarscan-RearPrint systems, the new 3D option allows the reliable detection of splinters and other height relevant structural defects on solar cells. Cell manufacturers benefit directly from implementation of the new inspection technology through significantly higher machine uptimes and reduced cell breakage. In total, this enables an increase of high-quality yield and the reduction of manufacturing costs.

In addition to the two-dimensional surface images, 3D inspection provides important additional information to structure and topography. The system gives a reliable, advanced detection and classification of height related defects such as splinters or particles, which are not detected with 2D systems. As an additional benefit, it provides a significant increase in measurement accuracy, such as for wafer bow gauging.

These features, in combination with the existing inspection functions, allow for excellent production quality and a secure print process. The Solarscan systems with 3D option support the latest production technologies such as Metal Wrap Through (MWT). Thanks to the additional 3D inspection channel, even silicon nitride (SiN) splinters on SiN and under aluminium compound can be detected, and wafers that could break and cause damage further along the manufacturing process are removed.


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