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Mono systems

Pick and Place-tasks with the aid of robots require an economic solution to safely determine the position and location of parts. 2D image processing systems, however, are unable to supply exact space coordinates. The MONO systems by ISRA VISION offer a highly efficient step into the third dimension with a single camera. The MONO2,5D and MONO3D determine the position of the workpiece not only in a plane, but also its position in height as well as – according to version – in four and respectively all six degrees of freedom of three dimensional object. Being a part of the Touch & Automate portfolio, the easy to install sensors are now available “smart”, i.e. with on-board intelligence.

Both systems are optimized with lowest operating costs in mind. Their spare design is achieved by integrating camera and LED illumination in a compact enclosure. In a new version and ass part of the Touch & Automate system architecture, the MONO systems receive an additional advantage through on-board-intelligence: Users no longer need a PC to adjust settings and operate the system. This saves time and speeds up the installation directly at the line. The on-board-PC can be accessed via the lucidly designed graphical user interface. The operated in a stationary position or mounted to the robot's arm. Thanks to a slim and robust design, the sensors can even be integrated easily in the existing production environment where the available space is minimal. The space-saving and rugged sensor duo is compatible with all standard robot types and supports the main industrial interfaces, so integration into superordinate system architectures is easily possible. Everything is prepared in advance, so that it only takes a few steps to complete a finished application.

Users will find an efficient solution for "pick and place" tasks in the MONO2½D robot vision from ISRA VISION. Compared to other solution options, MONO2½D has no overhead or cumbersome ballast whatsoever, and is specifically optimized for highly-precise, efficient and cost effective determination of the part's position and location. This sensor is the most efficient solution for palletizing and de-palletizing, for loading and unloading, for picking and placing and for many more robot vision tasks. The highest degree of innovation, easiest set-up into industrial image processing even by users with no experience and its high ruggedness guarantee that the investment pays for itself quickly within a short amount of time.

To be able to reliably pick loosely arranged parts – such as in a rack – requires the ability to exactly detect the position of objects in a three dimensional space. With a single camera, the system can determine all six of an object's degrees of freedom – even if it is in motion. All the robot vision solution needs to reliably detect the location and orientation of a part are three features, such as holes, edges or corners. This ensures a maximum range of flexibility in the parts that can be detected. Measurement volumes from the low mm³ to several m³ can be covered with MONO3D, because it can also be used in a collaborative sensor network. Automotive manufacturers use MONO3D to automatically remove doors, tailgates and hoods from a rack.


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