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S3088-II QS solder paste inspection system

Viscom has upgraded its successful QuickScan solder paste inspection system on a new platform, the S3088-II QS. Viscom's illumination technology has been integrated into the system, along with new camera technology.

Until now, the S3088-II has been offered as a post-reflow AOI with 8M camera technology. Now Viscom exploits the advantages of this system platform for 2D solder paste inspection as well. The integration of a new camera head especially for paste inspection and a new high-resolution line scan camera results in a scanning speed increase of up to 50 per cent. This combination yields cycle times even lower than those achieved by its predecessor. Customers who already employ a S3088-II post-reflow also profit from easy service and maintenance procedures.

A further advantage of the S3088-II system platform is that larger PCBs up to 20 x 18-inch can also be scanned.

The S3088-II QS recognises missing or smeared paste and paste bridges, as well as faulty component placement. This allows fast identification of the most important defect features possible even for applications where previous high-end solutions were inadequate.

A classification station, off-line programming and VPC statistical process control are also available from Viscom as add-on modules.


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