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The Raven-Flu is an infrared imaging solution, available through Multipix Imaging, that can be part of an effective disease prevention strategy.

A quick and effective way of measuring body temperature and alerting border control of potential virus, such as AN1H1 (swine flu) is required. Easily installed and operated at airports and stations, the Xenics Raven-FLU solution utilises an uncooled microbolometer infrared camera, measuring from a safe distance and in real time crucial differences in body temperature at an accuracy of up to 0.2°C - pinpointing any suspicious fevers in passing travellers.

This clever solution detects the heat emitted from the human skin producing a temperature map. The result is a colour image whose various colour contours represent temperature gradients. To enable reliable measurements, the Raven-FLU requires only minimal set up and examination time. It can be flexibly operated on a tripod or installed for permanent use. Xenics recommends the body temperature to be checked at the corner of an individual's eye, where the temperature approaches the core body temperature. The examination takes no longer than a fraction of a second. Setup and operator training can be achieved in less than one hour before being fully operational.

Even the systematic screening of a crowd is feasible via the Raven's high-definition image. Automatic alerts can be triggered by adjustable thresholds preferably set at 1°C above average temperature, with visual and/or audible alarms. Operation of the Raven-FLU is discrete as at a 50Hz frame rate there is no hampering of pedestrian flow.  


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