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XenICs Gobi-384

Multipix Imaging has introduced the XenICs Gobi-384 compact uncooled microbolometer infrared camera, which combines a high-quality camera head including lens with on-board DSP-based control and communication, TCP/IP and CL, ample processing power for intelligent real-time image correction and recognition, as well as a video interface. Main application areas are thermal imaging in machine vision, R&D, medical, the automotive, maritime, and aviation industries, as well as non-contact temperature measurement and hyperspectral imaging. Typical industry areas include security, enhanced vision systems (EVS) and firefighting.

XenICs bases its new Gobi-384 on an uncooled microbolometer array for high-performance imaging, delivering 384 x 288 pixels on a 25μm pixel pitch. This yields a 44 per cent higher pixel count than with 320 x 240 cameras. Pixel operability is >99.9 percent. The camera covers the LWIR wavelength area 8-14 μm. The camera works without thermo-electric cooling (TEC) and shutterless, delivering the benefit of silent and uninterrupted operation.

Image processing takes place inside the camera, using 16-bit ADCs. It offers full flexibility regarding system integration and customisation. Gobi is also available as an OEM module.


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