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Nexeon HD Xtra

dPict Imaging, a US designer and manufacturer of PC-based video acquisition products, has released the Nexeon HD Xtra, a full-featured PCI Express video frame grabber for high-resolution HDTV video inputs. The frame grabber, available in the UK from Kane Computing, adds support for the high-definition Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standard. In addition to SDI, Nexeon HD Xtra supports digital HDMI or analogue YPrPb format video inputs, and supports display and capture from HDTV sources up to 1080i and VGA display sources up to 1,280 x 1,024.

The frame grabber is equipped with a Texas Instruments DM642 video processor and 64MB of on-board frame buffer memory, allowing for reliable capture and transmission of video data. Video data can be transferred to system or display memory without CPU intervention and can be formatted to several pixel formats. The DM642 processor along with an optimised FPGA pre-processor, provide high flexibility for image-processing functions.


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