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Kane Computing has made available an integrated embedded video solution, the Z3-DM8169-4K-RPS, from Z3 Technology. The system was developed as a 2160p30 video solution that can encode and stream or decode from stream, and features both hardware and software components. It is designed for applications such as broadcast video encoding and decoding, security and surveillance, video conferencing and industrial video processing.

Z3 Technology shortens the design cycle by providing a Rapid Product design System (RPS) for each of the processing modules. The RPS kit features a production-ready module, a reference application board and the software demonstration kit, along with the documentation needed to develop a user's own products.

The product uses the Z3-DM8169-MOD-3x and the Z3-DM8169-APP-6x board. It has OEM-ready video application executable commands.


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