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Neon-CLQ frame grabber

BitFlow has introduced the Neon-CLQ frame grabber, which supports capture from four cameras simultaneously. The Neon-CLQ requires a single PCIe slot, yet provides interfaces for four cameras plus I/O. At this price per camera, the frame grabber can compete with main-stream network cameras, while still providing all the robust industrial features expected when using a frame grabber.

The Neon-CLQ supports both PoCL (with Safe Power) and non-PoCL base Camera Link cameras. Separate triggers and encoders are provided for each camera. Cameras up to 24 bits at 85MHz pixel clock are supported. The board is a 'half size' x4 PCIe board. Like all BitFlow frame grabbers, the Neon-CLQ uses BitFlow's FlowThru technology, which minimises image latency and guarantees zero CPU usage for image capture.

The frame grabber is supported by the BitFlow Software Development Kit (SDK), which is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. The SDK is board family generic, and will work with all of BitFlow's current and future frame grabbers. The kit provides drivers, DLLs and configuration utilities for customers interested in using third party software.

For customers interested in developing their own applications, the SDK provides header files, libraries and huge amounts of example code. There is wide range of Application Programming Interfaces (API), from low-level direct hardware access, to high-level automatic buffer management (ring or sequence).


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