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Micro Range LEDs

Key player in the machine vision field, TPL Vision is specialized in the miniaturization of LED lighting solutions. By developing new LED lighting solutions dedicated to the micro-mechanics world, the company has undeniably made a step foward in the miniaturization of its products.

Based on proven lighting technics (backlight and coaxial light), the Micro Range gathers all TPL Vision’s machine vision expertise in 2 tiny products: the Backlight Micro and the Coax Micro. Thanks to their small dimensions, they can be easily set up in the most confined environments.

The Backlight Micro and the Coax Micro distinguish themselves with an outstanding lighting power, that can point out any kind of defects on extremely small mechanical parts. Semi-collimated, they are highly efficient in the camera axis and help to sharply decrease the opening and exposure times of the camera. The Micro range products are also very ingenious.

For example, the COAX MICRO is reversible: you can easily reverse the location of the light with the camera’s one. Thanks to these 2 products, TPL Vision fills a void in the micro-mechanics field, and especially in the watchmaking area, where no lighting solution – up to now – was efficient enough to perfectly highlight such small parts (like gears, screws...).

Obviously, the Backlight Micro and the Coax Micro perfectly fit the requirements of the micro-mechanics industries, where «accuracy» is definitely the key word.


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