ML-F90C-07 and ML-U MP9 lenses

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Schott Moritex has introduced the ML-F90C-07 and ML-U MP9 lenses. The ML-F90C-07 for high-performance line scan cameras supports high-end applications that require the highest precision, for instance inspection of fine-pitch, high-density circuit boards and high-definition web inspection. The lens offers resolution performance of at least 150 lp/mm or better, and thus maximizes the use of the latest 16k/3.5μm sensors for high-precision inspection applications. The lens aperture is 20% larger than those of previous models to admit at least four times as much light. With an f-number of 2.8, the ML-F90C-07 lens can also be used in applications that require high-speed processing. Furthermore, the design corrects chromatic aberrations and renders colors extremely accurately.

The high-performance SCHOTT MORITEX ML-U MP9 lens series pays tribute to the development of the machine vision market towards larger sensors and higher resolutions. The C-mount lenses are ideal for a large image circle diameter of up to 1 inch and allow for the latest 9-megapixel, 3.6 μm pixel pitch sensors to be used in a broad range of applications. 

Areas of application for the lens series include demanding tasks involving larger working distances such as inspection and measurement of discrete elements, detection of small bar codes and matrix codes, measurement of large objects with high resolution, photogrammetry and 3D applications. Due to the low f-number (high light intensity), these lenses are also particularly well suited for high speed applications in the areas of semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, transportation as well as the food and medical sector, for example. The ML-U MP9 series will include a total of six different lenses with focal lengths ranging from 12.5 mm to 75 mm.