Labsphere appoints Pro-Lite as distributor in Europe

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Labsphere, Inc. has appointed the Pro-Lite Group for sales of its products in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern and Central Europe. Labsphere provides innovative solutions for a wide range of applications including LED/SSL lighting, remote sensing, imager/consumer camera, automotive, defense and security, health and biomedical optics to both Production and Research environments.

"It is an exciting time at Labsphere as we enjoy growth in our business, product offering and access to new markets" stated Vice President of Sales and Management, Mark Willingham.  "We always strive to offer the best local access, and service to our customers.  Combining our efforts with Pro-Lite and SphereOptics is a key component to this.  Our partnership brings local demonstration and testing to these markets with Labsphere products"

Pro-Lite with offices in UK, France and SphereOptics located in Germany, specialize in the supply of light measurement and photometric test equipment and operates two technical centers which will provide an enhanced level of service to Labsphere's European customers.

Both organizations, specialists in Light Measurement, offer strong technical sales and support activity along with local testing centers featuring Labsphere products.

Pro-Lite's Robert Yeo commented: "I'm thrilled that Labsphere have chosen to work with the Pro-Lite group in Europe. Our partnership allows us to serve customers with state-of-the-art light measurement products with the promise of the best after sales support in the market".