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Benchmark metrology inspection system

Boulder Imaging has released the in-line version of its Benchmark metrology inspection system.

The Benchmark system provides micron-level in-line (or off-line) part measurement and conformance to specification for virtually any part or material in real-time. The system provides accuracy exceeding 5µm and inspection speed beyond current CMM and laser-based measurement systems, allowing the system to be placed in-line for typical inspection applications. It can be used for first article inspection, reverse engineering, measurement of 100 per cent of parts, or spot inspection. Benchmark also provides detailed reports for customers and ISO compliance.

Employing Boulder Imaging's CIPT (Centralised Inspection Point Technology) approach, the Benchmark system is capable of rapid parts change-over. It provides automated set-up and self-calibration capability allowing customers to change parts and/or inspection criteria quickly. CIPT also allows the inspection cell to be placed on the production line quickly and easily, or moved to another position with the same ease of set-up. 


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