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iNspect Colour

Firstsight Vision has introduced a colour version of the iNspect software package for the IPD VA series of compact machine vision solutions. This brings capabilities only previously found in the company's more advanced systems. Unlike smart cameras, the VA series contains all the processing power in a rugged enclosure, enabling multiple small head cameras to be used, which provides a more flexible solution that is readily integrated into factory environments alongside other automation controllers.

iNspect Colour provides the ability to segment images by colour such that all of the standard measurement tools can be applied to the inspection task, including verification, sorting and inspection of parts and assemblies. Without colour processing, seemingly simple inspection tasks can be very difficult to setup using mono tools alone.

In addition to colour processing, new features have been introduced which will enhance the use of iNspect colour by OEMs and system integrators. These include on-the-fly image rotating, multi-camera tiling, multi-camera display and statistical trend plots. iNspect now also offers extensive network commands for program integration. These new features broaden iNspect's diverse application capability without compromising ease-of-use. For more complex applications, iNspect's scripting interface has been further expanded to offer maximum flexibility when needed.

iNspect is designed for use in a broad range of applications, from precision metrology to pharmaceutical packaging and can be used for automated quality inspection applications. It offers a suite of tools that can be readily applied to a multitude of inspection tasks, such as positioning, measuring, identification, verification and flaw detection.


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