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Dalsa Spyder camera

Firstsight Vision has extended its portfolio of high sensitivity dual line scan cameras with the addition of a 4096 pixel resolution version of the Dalsa Spyder camera. The Camera Link configuration of the 4K Spyder 3 CL allows easy integration into existing systems and the camera is suited to industrial metrology, print, food, web and material inspection, and container inspection applications.

With an array of 4096 x 2 pixels of 10 x 10µm size, the 4K Spyder 3 CL offers an increased resolution compared to earlier models, reducing the number of cameras required to cover the same imaging field. In addition, the new camera retains the Spyder 3 family’s high throughput rates of 80MHz and the unique dual line scan technology, which gives enhanced sensitivity with no increase in amplifier noise.

The 4K Spyder 3 CL is fully programmable, with precise control over key variables such as gain and offset. It also incorporates advanced features such as flat field correction and CDS (Correlated Double Sampling).


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