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EyeCheck smart camera

The new EyeCheck smart camera now contains, in the usually compact IP67, a completely motorized lens. Therefore it is easy to adjust to a new field of view and also the depth of field can be set completely without manual adjustments.

The EyeVision software supports all setting options, also the adjustment of the depth of field. Therefor the EyeCheck always delivers sharp images, from a distance to the object of 25 mm onwards.

The new DualCore processor in the camera is specially suited for parallel running tasks. This includes besides many image evaluation routines also the parallel execution of the process interfacing via Profinet. The stack can run completely on the second core, without disturbing the image evaluation and therefore can guarantee that the process integration works securely. This is also true for all other optional bus protocols.

The latest version of EyeVision makes the programming even easier and therefore also the solution for the different applications such as code reading, measurement technology, pattern matching for example for bin-picking.

EyeVision is getting even more powerful with this new hardware and the support of the motorized lens. And that, all in addition to the new and very easy to handle commands for solving even more complex inspections.

Especially the new bus protocols allow the easy integration into the PLC, as well as into the different robots for solving Pick and Place applications.


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