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Edmund Optics introduces optical design services

Edmund Optics® (EO), one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of optical components and imaging products, now offers optical design services out of EO´s German office in Mainz.

Since 2018, EO Europe has been offering project management and engineering services (now also certified under ISO 9001) which significantly supported the successful realization of numerous customer projects throughout the region.

In response to the increasing demand, complexity, and diversity of applications in the field of imaging and machine vision, EO has expanded its capabilities and has recently added optical design experts to its European engineering team. These extended services will allow EO Europe to further enhance the development support for its customers and to further expand its activities with the technical audience, helping them to realize solutions faster and more successfully.

So if you work on projects involving imaging or opto-mechanical assemblies in general, please contact our service team at Please do not hesitate to also reach out with any questions or support requests as customer feedback and market needs will continue to guide EO’s expansion of services in each region.


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