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Edmund Optics event focuses on future of imaging

Edmund Optics®, the premier provider of optical and imaging components, continues its series of successful Online-Events and und invites you to another edition of the "Edmund Optics Innovation Summit" on July 6, 2021. In this episode, interested parties will be able to learn more about the "Defining the Future of Imaging" during lectures and discussion panels held by experts. The event was already held for the American audience at the beginning of June. The high popularity and positive feedback, as well as the company's objective to make technical information, trends and latest topics accessible to as broad an audience as possible, have prompted EO to repeat this event at a time more accessible to European and Asian audiences.

EO's Innovation Summits, originally initiated to provide hands-on optics and imaging content to an interested audience under pandemic restrictions, will continue in the future to provide anyone, anytime, anywhere access to technical content and solution approaches to help optimize applications and systems. The EO events are characterized above all by many live insights into the in-house laboratory as well as interaction and discussion opportunities in direct networking with industry experts.

In the current Summit, EO's imaging expert Nick Sischka will also provide valuable insights in lab workshops along with Mary Turner, Technical Fellow Optical Design, Jeremy Govier, Principal Engineer, and Katie Schwertz, Senior Optical Designer. In the keynote presentation, Matthias Sonder, Advanced Development Leader at Teledyne Imaging will speak on the topic of "Sensor Technology" and how the latest trends are impacting the industry. This will be followed by technical presentations on the basics of image processing, ideal pixel size, considerations for optimized systems, and the option of using lenses beyond their specifications. Finally, Greg Hollows, vice president of the EO Imaging Business Unit, will provide a glimpse into the future of imaging. After the technical presentations, experts will be available in digital breakout rooms to answer questions about the topics covered at the Summit, as well as to network.


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