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Techspec double-sided and near-infrared aspheric lenses

Edmund Optics (EO), a leading provider of optical components, has expanded its extensive inventory by bolstering its offering of aspheres ideal for a wide range of unique and demanding applications. This product expansion includes the TECHSPEC® Double-Sided Aspheric Lenses ideal for imaging applications and the TECHSPEC® Near-Infrared Precision Aspheric Lenses for enabling high precision performance. These aspheres are two products out of a much larger selection of new aspheres from Edmund Optics. This new selection provides optical integrators an increased number of options for the specific demands of their applications, enabling rapid prototyping and product development.

Aspheres are optical lens elements with at least one non-flat, non-spherical surface. There are a number of benefits associated with using an asphere over a spherical lens element such as the elimination of spherical aberration, superior focusing ability for smaller spot sizes and reduced blur, and better light collection. Aspheres are commonly used as a lighter and smaller alternative to using a series of spherical components to accomplish the same result in a lens assembly. Edmund Optics currently offers a wide range of different aspheres and possesses extensive asphere design, manufacturing, and metrology expertise. Manufacturing thousands of precision aspheres each month Edmund Optics holds a large inventory of standard and high precision lenses for immediate delivery and extends its offerings continuously reflecting the needs of markets and customers.

The TECHSPEC® Double-Sided Aspheric Lenses feature high numerical apertures, diameter options from 10 mm to 500 mm, and are excellent options ideal for light collection or for 1:1 imaging applications. The double-convex or bi-convex design is used to reduce the number of optical elements in the optical system and consolidate the system space and weight for superior performance.

TECHSPEC® Near-Infrared (NIR) Precision Aspheric Lenses are optimized to eliminate spherical aberration in the near-infrared spectrum. These aspheric lenses are manufactured from S-LAH64 or N-BK7 substrates and polished through a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining process to achieve high-precision performance. While the uncoated substrate option is designed for 780 nm, other coatings options are available for 350-700 nm, 600-1.050 nm, and 900-1.700 nm.


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