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E-series of kinematic optical mirror mounts

Edmund Optics (EO), leading global manufacturer and supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology, has introduced the new, economically-priced E-Series Kinematic Optical Mirror Mounts. Designed with essential features in mind, the E-Series Mounts provide a high value for a wide variety of applications such as educational use, optical table prototyping, and system integration. Their price point makes them cost effective without sacrificing quality. They offer a compact form factor, tip and tilt adjustment and alignment, and smooth movement. The E-Series Mounts can be used to hold optics with diameters of 0,5” (12,5 mm), 1,0” (25 mm), 2,0” (50 mm), 3,0” (75 mm), or 4,0” (100 mm).


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