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DVXplorer Lite

IniVation has announced the launch of the all-new DVXplorer Lite at the European Robotics Forum in Malaga. The DVXplorer Lite provides the high performance of iniVation’s award-winning, state-of-the-art neuromorphic vision technology, at a lower price point for education and research. It is fully compatible with DV, iniVation’s best-in-class, open-source software development kit.

The DVXplorer Lite contains the same patented core technology as all other iniVation DVXplorer and DAVIS products, enabling seamless future upgrades without software rewrites.

iniVation will exhibiting the DVXplorer Lite at the European Robotic Forum (ERF, stand 49) in Malaga from March 3-5, 2020. Also available will be the high-resolution DVXplorer (CES Best of Innovation Award), and the DAVIS346 featuring simultaneous event and frame output.


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