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Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced the new S10200 TDI (time delay integration) sensor. The new CCD arrays are available in three different pixel lengths (1024, 2048 or 4096) with a fixed height of 128 pixels. They feature 90 per cent peak quantum efficiency to visible light, with high UV and near IR sensitivity. The S10200 series offer very high-speed data readout of 30MHz per pixel, which translates to 50kHz or 100kHz line rates, depending on the sensor.

The S10200 can synchronise charge transfer with the moving object, giving 128 times the image integration time of a conventional line sensor. When combined with the high sensitivity of the back thinned CCD chip this results in an output two or three orders of magnitude greater than traditional technology.

The new CCD is suitable for high-speed industrial inspection, particularly where UV and NIR sensitivity are required. Other possible applications include scientific instrumentation such as flow cytometry, postal sorting, high speed fluorescence imaging, semi-conductor inspection and many other in-line industrial applications.


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