Event-based vision

Mandar Sohoni, left, and Tianyu Wang adjust their research setup that tests the ability of an optical neural network to measure objects in a 3D scene

Optical neural network streamlines sensor design

The ONN could lead to the development of faster, smaller and more energy-efficient image sensors.

SynSense has combined event-based image sensing technology with a 320,000-neuron processor to deliver real-time vision processing at milliwatt power consumption

Funding accelerates mass production of event-based imaging tech

The money will be used to accelerate the mass-production of the firm’s Speck smart vision sensor, with an integrated neuromorphic AI processor

Harald Wuest (centre) receiving the award from Anne Wendel, director of VMDA Machine Vision, and Messe Stuttgart's Florian Niethammer. Credit: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH

Digital twin firm, Visometry, wins Vision start-up award

Visometry’s Twyn software is an AR platform for quality inspection; users annotate a CAD model against which the real part is compared


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