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IMX636 and IMX637 event-based vision

Macnica ATD Europe today announced to offer the Event-based vision sensor (“EVS”) from its long-term distribution partner, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (“Sony”). The two sensors IMX636 and IMX637 were made possible through collaboration between Sony and Prophesee, another distribution partner of Macnica ATD Europe.

EVS realizes high-speed data output with low latency by limiting the output data to luminance changes from each pixel, combined with information on pixel position coordinates and time. Only the pixels that have detected a change in luminance for the object can output data, allowing the sensor to immediately detect the luminance changes with high-speed, low-latency, high-temporal-resolution while operating with low power consumption. It represents a whole new approach compared to the commonly used frame-based method, where the entire image is output at certain intervals determined by the frame rate.

Application fields where the two new models of EVS specifically exploit their advantages over frame-based sensors are for example sensing changes in sparks produced during welding and metal cutting; and sensing slight changes in vibration and detecting abnormalities for use in predictive maintenance.

Macnica ATD Europe as a prime distribution partner of both Sony and Prophesee covers the full cooperation on the EVS technology and offers technical support as well as the free loan of evaluation kits in different versions from first “hands on” evaluation to full performance evaluation (available in Q4). The cooperation also covers the Metavision® Intelligence Suite from Prophesee, an event signal processing software optimized for the sensors performance, which is available through Macnica ATD Europe. Combining Sony’s event-based vision sensors with this software will enable efficient application development and provide solutions for various use cases.


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