DevWare-enabled Imatest

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Imatest has partnered with Aptina to develop DevWare-enabled Imatest, a software package that saves time in CMOS image sensor configuration.

Each application of CMOS sensors carries its own set of challenges and complexities for product development engineers, who must configure the CMOS image sensor to deliver the optimal combination of digital image qualities, often having to trade off one image quality for another.

DevWare-enabled Imatest is a speedier way of configuring CMOS image sensors. For product development engineers, it frees up time without compromising quality and testing thoroughness.

The integrated software system that enables rapid, automatic testing of CMOS sensor image quality and subsequent re-configuration of image sensor settings. DevWare-enabled Imatest loads images directly from Aptina's image sensor configuration software, DevWare. Images are then automatically analysed across a host of digital image quality factors, providing product engineers with the information required to re-set sensor settings.