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V4.0 image quality testing software

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Imatest is proud to announce the official release of its new 4.0 image quality testing software. The Imatest 4.0 upgrade includes a number of refinements including enhanced automation capabilities and a more robust image quality testing experience.  

Upgrades across all image testing products:

Powerful Automatic Region Detection for the X-Rite Colorchecker, 36-Patch Dynamic Range, Spilled Coins/Dead Leaves, Log F-Contrast, ISO 14524, ISO 15739 and the Siemens Star charts. 

  • The new eSFR ISO module performs a highly automated analysis of the ISO 12233:2014 low-contrast Edge SFR chart, including an enhanced version of the chart with extra regions, color patches, wedges and an extended version with a 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Dynamic Range and ISO 15739 visual noise have been added to the Multicharts and Multitest modules

Imatest Master Upgrades:

  • Main window redesign
  • Ability to read and select still frames from AVI and MP4 video files as well as read ARI and DPX files
  • A Pass/Fail monitor with highly adjustable settings
  • Support for Mac OS X

Image Sensor (IS) Upgrades:

  • Includes all of Master’s improvements
  • Faster SFRplus runs for real-time focus tests
  • Acquisition from Android devices
  • Acquisition from DirectShow, GigE Vision, and many more interfaces
  • Push Interface allows images to be passed directly into IS for real-time analysis