Imager virtual prototype software

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FiveFocal LLC, a group of engineering experts at the forefront of system-level design for imaging applications, and Imatest LLC, a leader in image quality testing software, analysis and test charts, have partnered to offer customers an innovative workflow where camera and imaging systems are virtually prototyped and characterized before hardware is purchased.

FiveFocal’s Imager™ software virtually prototypes imaging systems and can measure how well a given system achieves pass/fail thresholds. Imager™ simulates adjustments to a system’s lens, sensor, and ISP through an interactive user interface. Imatest software analyzes images simulated by Imager™ in order to characterize the image quality of the entire system. Utilizing Imager™ and Imatest in a development workflow ultimately saves testing time and cost by minimizing the volume of measurements required to test each sub-component.

The traditional imaging system development cycle ends with extensive device testing. When the complete device is tested and modifications must be made, it is often hard to determine which sub-components need to be improved.

Imatest CEO, Jeff Herman, commented, “Imager™ allows system sub-components to be virtually tested at the beginning of the development cycle, before hardware is even purchased. Imatest’s comprehensive software can then characterize the simulated device’s overall image quality to determine if it meets specifications. Ultimately, this workflow saves time and money during the product development process.”

FiveFocal CEO, Alan Baron, stated, “We are pleased to partner with Imatest and believe the combination of Imager™ and Imatest offers customers an opportunity to advance the way they build imaging devices. Our goal is to help customers create the best products possible while saving them time and resources.”