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BullsEye BE1000 motion stabiliser

Kane Computing has launched Empower Technologies' BullsEye real-time motion stabiliser in the UK and Europe. The unit performs low latency video stabilisation of rotational motion around an optical axis and also translational movement in horizontal and vertical directions on PAL or NTSC live or pre-recorded video data.

The BullsEye BE1000 is a high-performance embedded fanless video image processing device, which is low power, low heat and capable of instant on and instant off. As a result, the unit is much more economical to operate and very adaptable to various field operating environments, from deserts to cold places like Northern Canada.

The BE1000 has a built-in software algorithm and a powerful embedded computing device to remove any shaking (translational) and rolling (rotational) motions. These motions are the most common problem for cameras mounted in manned/unmanned military, security, and civilian aerial, ground, or marine vehicles. Also affected are outdoor security/surveillance cameras mounted on poles or fixtures attached to a structure to monitor roads, bridges, rail tracks, building/site perimeter.


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