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Deltapix Invenio range of Megapixel cameras

Kane Computing has signed a distribution agreement with Silicon Imaging to sell its range of cameras in the UK. In addition Deltapix, a long standing partner of KCL have launched a new range of cameras.


By utilising a single highly integrated CMOS device, which incorporates large pixel sensing areas, timing generation, signal processing and high bandwidth outputs, Silicon Imaging has developed the Deltapix Invenio range of Megapixel cameras for microscopy applications, which are compact, low-power, ultra high speed digital camera system.


The cameras use CMOS technology, USB communications, are compact and include standard C-mount interface for easy attachment to microscopes. Of particular interest are the Invenio 1D (1.4 Megapixels), 3D (3 Megapixels) and 5D (5 Megapixels), which can operate under low light conditions by using a huge CCD format up to 1/2.5 inch (5.7mm x 4.28mm). Digital outputs include uncompressed (24/36 bit), loss-less JPEG2000 and JPEG.


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