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Flir A-Series IR cameras

Kane Computing Ltd (KCL) has added Flir A-Series IR cameras to its product portfolio. KCL are working as Flir's tier two reseller.

Flir A-Series infrared camera systems are affordable and accurate solutions for machine vision and automation systems requiring non-contact imaging and temperature measurements. The built-in logic makes it ideal for safety/security systems, and for product and process monitoring in quality/reliability assurance programmes.

The A-Series is GigE Vision and GenICam compatible, a feature that significantly cuts down integration time. Until now this capability has only been available on visual cameras. The camera is fully controlled from a PC and is supplied with a choice of software for easy configuration and monitoring.

In the automotive industry there are many production processes involving heat or heat pattern generation that need to be monitored and quality checked. Typical processes are welding, gluing with pre-heated glue, thermoforming, moulding and die casting.

Another application using infrared cameras is PCB inspection. Anomalies in thermal patterns can be detected when the PCB is powered up after the final assembly. This type of testing is most important for industries dealing with high reliability electronics or power electronics, where hot spots can indicate possible early failure.


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