Adimec appoints new CEOs

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Adimec, a world leader in application-specific, leading-edge industrial camera solutions, today announced the appointment of the Chief Marketing Officer Dr. Joost van Kuijk and the Chief Financial Officer Alex de Boer both as CEO of the company. Both have served the position in the interim since March 2014. 

Joost van Kuijk joined Adimec in 2010 and has almost 20 years experience in marketing high-tech solutions.  Alex de Boer joined Adimec in 2006 and has over 15 years experience in the financial field. De Boer will run the financial and operational side of Adimec while van Kuijk will lead Marketing, Business Development and Technology Innovation.

With the clear division of responsibilities between van Kuijk and de Boer, the new board of directors’ structure gives clarity about the leadership within the company.  Since March 2014, both have improved the organizational efficiency to position the company to return to double-digit growth.

"All of Adimec worked on being a healthy company over the last year so that we are now able to achieve more in less time." said Joost van Kuijk. "Our dual CEO leadership re-emphasizes our commitment to mutual satisfaction which is apparent within the company but most of all in how we exceed the expectations of our customers." said Alex de Boer.

For Adimec as a family business, this corporate leadership team is ideal and allows us to rollout our strategy providing extraordinary service, working with our customers to overcome imaging challenges, and developing and producing reliable products.