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PowerPack for Microscopy

Camera manufacturer Basler enhances its PowerPack for Microscopy to address the challenging requirements of fluorescence imaging. The choice of cameras has been rounded off by powerful monochrome Microscopy ace cameras with Sony´s latest CMOS technology. The Basler Microscopy Software increases user convenience with dark skin mode and fluorescence color preset, as well as additional feature upgrades.

Basler offers two cameras which are particularly suitable for fluorescence imaging: the Microscopy ace 2.3 MP Mono offers a resolution of 2.3 MP combined with high sensitivity thanks to its large pixel size. The Microscopy ace 5.1 MP Mono scores with an ideal balance between high resolution (5.1 MP), large pixel size and low noise level. An important factor in fluorescence applications is the use of low light emissions, to reduce the risk of photo bleaching the sample. The cameras provide high quantum efficiency and sensitivity, to take images even in low light.

Besides suitable frame rates, both cameras deliver a high dynamic range for recording the differentiation between subject and background.

The Basler Microscopy Software included in the Basler PowerPack has released its 2.0 version:  the graphical user interface can be switched to dark skin mode to reduce the light emissions from the display towards the sample. This feature also reduces the user eye fatigue and stress when working in a dark environment.

To make fluorescence imaging more convenient and to save the user´s time, the software has also been enhanced with color presets for the most common fluorescence markers. For quick access, these presets can be activated with a single click and configured to individual needs. Images still remain as a greyscale image for further processing in other applications, or can be saved as a color version.

The new 2.0 version of the Basler Microscopy Software also offers exposure compensation and a new zoom feature for stereomicroscopes.


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