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Vision Technology business unit formed as part of RTS Life Science

Following its acquisition by Entologi, a UK engineering group, RTS Life Science has been restructured with Vision Technology as the first new business unit to be formed.

Carl Krajewski, CEO of Entologi, commented: 'We've analysed the business closely and have identified key growth opportunities in both the life science and industrial sectors for our vision capabilities and products. Our specialist vision development team has deployed its technology successfully in numerous applications from machine vision on robotic production lines to biobanking. We believe that our investment and focus should propel the Vision Technology business unit into a leading position in the commercial application of machine vision worldwide.'

The business unit contains a core team of vision and software specialists, who will continue to deliver custom machine vision solutions. They will also work on developing a range of products with machine vision at their centre. These products are likely to have manufacturing, laboratory and warehouse applications and may well also draw on the Entologi Group's robotic heritage.

Chris Walsh has been promoted to director of the Vision Technology business unit at RTS. He commented: 'RTS has always been well known for its vision solutions in the packaging automation sector. More recently we have employed the same expertise to develop innovative products for the life science marketplace, including RTS's Tube Auditor and Automated Blood Fractionation systems. By focussing our vision capabilities into a dedicated business unit, the Entologi Group should benefit commercially.'


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