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Prime Vision registers sales growth in UK

To support its booming UK business in the postal, warehouse and logistics markets, Prime Vision has opened a dedicated office in Bristol.

The recognition technology provider, has seen its business grow in the UK by more than 100 per cent every year for the past four years.

'Initially our UK success was dominated by the warehousing and logistics sector,' said Prime Vision's head of marketing, Mark Ryder. 'Postal and express courier markets took longer to get started, but they are booming now. Indeed the automation technology we are applying in the UK is breaking new ground in terms of performance, operations and cost management.'

TNT Post UK is a typical beneficiary. Its relationship with Prime Vision started with a reject reader and now spans all UK sorting centres and encompasses live video-coding and image archiving of the mail-stream, in the cloud, via the TNT Shore system. British Forces Post Office and DHL also continue to follow upgrade paths.

The warehousing and logistics market remains buoyant for Prime Vision too. Marks and Spencer plc and Next plc were early adopters of Prime Vision Logistics Match OCR that captures all non-bar code data, including handwriting. Further programmes in warehousing and logistics are being planned.


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