Zeiss acquires metrology firm Gom

Gom’s technology, which includes non-contact 3D sensors and scanners for surface metrology, will now be part of Zeiss’s industrial metrology and quality assurance portfolio

Best practice for buyouts

Greg Blackman reports from the European Machine Vision Association’s business conference, where a panel of industry experts were gathered to give advice on navigating the acquisition process

Carl Zeiss AG

ZEISS develops, produces and sells photo lenses which are used in industrial applications with line scan sensors up to 41mm and area scan sensors up to 24 x 36mm. These lenses are popular due to their high optical performance, fast aperture and high versatility.


With ZEISS PiWeb, ZEISS has now enhanced its software for quality data management

Industrial lenses

The new Zeiss industrial lenses with an M42 thread mount feature a compact size, good image quality and a robust, all-metal body

Smartzoom 5

Zeiss presented an automated digital microscope, the Smartzoom 5, at the trade show Control from 6-9 May

Lightsheet Z.1

Zeiss has developed a light sheet microscope for 3D observations of biological samples over very long periods of time

VoluMax computer tomograph

Carl Zeiss has introduced the VoluMax computer tomograph. The system generates 3D volume data in a matter of seconds and is insensitive to temperature fluctuations


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