Infrared endeavours

Warren Clark explores how Belgian company Xenics has carved out a niche in the field of infrared cameras


XenICs, a developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared detectors and customised imaging solutions, has introduced the Gobi-384, an uncooled microbolometer camera covering the LWIR 8-14µm.

Broadband Versions of InSb-based XMID Cameras

XenICs has extended the wavelength areas of its proven high-detectivity and high-uniformity InSb detector cameras for the midwave infrared (MWIR) 3 to 5µm area. New broadband versions now cover the extended area 1 to 5µm.

Cheetah imaging system

XenICs has released its high-end, power PC-based, high-speed imaging system Cheetah, which is an InGaAs focal-plane array camera that covers the standard SWIR (short-wave infrared) wavelength area 0.9 to 1.7µm - with all control and communications c

XLIN 1.7/2.2/2.5

XenICs has introduced the XLIN 1.7/2.2/2.5 series of InGaAs linear photodiode arrays, featuring high detectivity, linearity and uniformity with good stability and a wide dynamic range.

XLIN series

The XLIN series of InGaAs linear photodiode arrays are available as a hybrid assembly of photodiodes integrated with a charge-amplifying multiplexer, or ready-mounted into the compact and rigid XenICs XEVA-LIN digital camera.

XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 & Cheetah

XenICs has introduced two new digital, NIR, software-configurable cameras - XEVA-FPA-2.5-320 and Cheetah, based on a thermoelectrically stabilised sensor array in a compact housing.


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