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Lynx SWIR cameras

Xenics has released new Lynx SWIR cameras suitable for the medical market, offering a resolution of up to 1 x 2,048 pixels. Lynx-1.7-2048 offers low noise at a high line rate of 10kHz; Lynx-1.7-1024 and Lynx-1.7-512 even offers up to 40kHz line rate, which enables the capture of fast moving samples.

Lynx is equipped with a small sensor with a pixel pitch of 12.5μm to support inspection tasks that demand high accuracy in the SWIR range. A special benefit for medical imaging applications in the SWIR realm, such as OCT, is that the light source radiates at a wavelength of 1.3μm, which increases the penetration depth in human tissue. Lynx is compatible with the C-Mount standard.


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