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VRmC-3+ PRO camera

VRmagic has released the VRmC-3+ PRO camera, which is a versatile entry-level camera for industrial applications.

With dimensions of 35 x 25mm, the VRmC-3+ PRO is one of the smallest C-mount cameras on the market. The smooth, black-silver housing is made of high quality anodised aluminum. 

The 1/3-inch CMOS sensor with global shutter is capable of producing 69 images per second at a resolution of 754 x 482 pixels. This makes the VRmC-3+ PRO ideal for capturing both still images as well as fast motion sequences. It is available in monochrome and colour versions. 

A high-speed USB2.0 interface allows data transfer to a PC without additional frame grabber hardware. The plug-and-play functionality of the VRmC-3+ PRO makes it easy to use. The possibility of storing up to nine user configurations on the camera also permits convenient use for a range of different tasks. 

If an application consists of several cameras, these can be triggered synchronously with the software trigger. The API of all VRmagic camera models offers developers unrestricted access to all sensor parameters and raw sensor data. The SDK offers an interface to ActiveVisionTools, Common Vision Blox and HALCON. 


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