Teledyne Dalsa

Genie TS series

Teledyne Dalsa has expanded its Genie TS series with the addition of a new 5 megapixel camera that can reach speeds up to 51fps in fast mode. This new Genie combines image sensor technology with a newly optimized camera platform

Piranha4 series

Teledyne Dalsa has released two new versions of its Piranha4 series, expanding its flagship line scan family to more than ten models

Special delivery

With Christmas fast approaching, staff at distribution hubs of retailers as well as the postal service will be working exceptionally hard. Tom Eddershaw investigates how machine vision can help automate processing packages at distribution centres to get presents delivered in time for Christmas

Geva 3000

Teledyne Dalsa has released Geva 3000, the newest addition to the Geva line of vision systems

High speed low light imaging: escaping the shot noise limit

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Noise is an important topic for all machine vision applications, especially if the requirements on image quality and speed are high
and light levels are low. Changing parameters usually leads to an
increase in noise. Bucking this trend, a novel dual-linescan architecture provides a way to preserve higher signal-to-noise ratio.

Industrial ideas meet consumer needs

Systems developed for applications such as inspecting electronic components are finding their way into sports coverage, real estate, marketing and gaming. Siân Harris finds out why

State of play

What are the key talking points for the vision industry as we move into 2014? We asked a number of industry experts for their views on the current state of the industry and the year ahead

Boa 200

Teledyne Dalsa has released the Boa 200, a higher-performance addition to the Boa family of smart camera products

All part of the process

The British Machine Vision Conference is due take place at the beginning of September, an event with machine vision in the title - but, confusingly, focusing on academic algorithm development and computer vision. Greg Blackman asks what industrial image processing can learn from academia


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