Teledyne Dalsa

Adding a splash of colour

Rob Coppinger investigates what it takes to make an accurate colour reading, from software calibration to the colour sensors used

Taking charge: the big sensor debate

Industrial CMOS sensors now offer CCD-like image quality, at least that's what some companies claim. But is this really the case and what does it mean for the machine vision market? Greg Blackman investigates the long-running feud between CMOS and CCD

Electric potential

Rob Coppinger looks at the inspection systems found on electronics production lines, both visible and X-ray variants, and finds that, when it comes to manufacturing electronics, throughput is everything

Programming with ease

Greg Blackman looks at the options for high-throughput image processing, including FPGAs and multicore processors, and finds out what unites development in all software packages is ease of use


Teledyne Dalsa has introduced the Geva-300, a compact, low-cost vision system for multi-camera applications

FTF9168 image sensors

Teledyne Dalsa has introduced a family of 60 million pixel, large-format, full-frame CCD image sensors. The FTF9168 sensors offer a high resolution within a 645 optical format that can be imaged using commercially available lenses

Piranha4 8k Color

Teledyne Dalsa has launched its Piranha4 8k Color CMOS line scan camera with 8k resolution and a 7 x 7µm pixel size for optimised optical design

Falcon2 Color

Teledyne Dalsa has released a colour version of its Falcon2 high performance area scan camera series


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