Nerian Vision’s stereo vision cameras incorporate an FPGA for real-time 3D imaging. Credit: Nerian Vision

Fast processors advance 3D inspection

High-speed 3D cameras were in full force at Vision Stuttgart. Alice Rolandini Jensen explores the technology

Ecco X 25 3D sensor

Offering 4,096 points of resolution and a scan rate of up to 40kHz, the Ecco X targets the challenges of automated optical inspection in electronics and other challenging industries

ECCO 95.020 3D sensor

SmartRay will present company’s new ECCO 95.020 3D sensor at the Control trade fair 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, 7-10 May

Ecco sensor family

SmartRay has launched a new addition to its Ecco sensor family, optimally balanced for the application requirements of consumer electronics manufacturing

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